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 THC General Terms (GT)

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General moderator / THC MT
General moderator / THC MT

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PostSubject: THC General Terms (GT)   Wed May 25, 2011 5:20 pm

About playing on NLserverNL:

1. When you are a player on THC's NLserverNL, you MUST behave yourself like the rules we maintain.
2. When you refuse to follow the rules, THC administrators have the right to take action to maintain order, in the way they think is nessecary.
3. Criticising an admin's descision is a complete waste of time. Our admins are ALWAYS right, you are ALWAYS wrong. Just obay all instuctions you get from our admins.
4. If you have a serious complain, we will take it seriously, you can always contact us through the special forum category or Xfire.
5. Our Admin-mod is always watching the server when there is no Admin present.
6. Have fun at NLserverNL.

About a membership:

1. When you want to become a member, you have to fill in our application form. You must include an xfire profile. If you don't have an xfire profile,
please make one here. Follow the instruction at that page.
2. You MUST comply to our Terms of Membership before you can join THC.
3. You will receive the recruit member status for around 2 weeks after your applications is approved.
4. As a THC member, you must use a THC tag in front of your name at any time when you are playing on NLserverNL.
5. When you are a member of THC, you may not be in another SWAT 4 TSS clan.
6. THC holds the right to place you out of the clan, when the managing team thinks it is really nessecary.
7. You have to sign up to this forum, to recieve important e-mails. So fill in your working E-mail adress at your profile!
8. When you are a member of THC, you have to act with profession. We expect you to solve problems the professional way. Insults, drama, offensive language and cheating do not come to you mind.

About THC:

1. THC works with a 'ranked system'. This means there are several ranks in whitin the clan. In short the ranks are: Recruit member, Official member, Administrator, Super Administrator, THC managing team (MT).
2. Most of the decisions whitin the clan are made by the THC MT, with help of the SA's. The MT is responsible for the most decisions made in the clan.
The managing team exists of: THC|DENHAAG, THC|NaicooNL, THC|Raffie and THC|DarkRAY|.
3. As an official member, you will recieve the MaxJoin password, so you can always join our server.
4. When you are a member of THC, and have a suggestion or idea, just email us or contact a member of the MT. We are always curious.
5. The costs THC makes are covered. The members will not be needed to pay anything. However a donation would be more than welcome,
see our site for this.
6. For questions, you can always contact one of the MT members by using the Forum or Xfire.

About Administrator rights:

1. When you are in the clan for a reasonable time, you can be chosen to become an admin by the MT. You also can ask for an invitation.
2. This is coordinated by the general managers (THC|NaicooNL and THC|Raffie) and THCDENHAAG. Usually there will be a vote under the SA's when we want to add (or remove) an Adminsistrator.
3. The THC MT keeps the right to remove you from your admin position when we think your behaviour is absolutely unacceptable.
4. As an Administrator, you must be objective and fair. You are an example for the rest of the players.
5. When you are an Admin, but not active for a long period of time (whitout a given reason), you will be removed from your admin position without a warning.
6. New admins will initially receive the 'Recruit Admin' status, so the THC MT can observe the new admin and decide if he/she can become a THC official admin.
7. For more info about our admin procedure, do not hesitate to ask a member of the MT.

About our Site and forum:

1. When you leave a message, it's your responsebility to make sure it's not offensive in any way. No swearing, discrimination or any other kind of insults.
2. The Forum administrator has the right to remove any message when he thinks it's nessecary.
3. The Forum administrator may ban you from the Forum without any warning if your messages are too offensive with the rules.
4. THC is not responsible for contents placed by users of our forum.

About our Voiceserver:

1. When you are online at our TeamSpeak server, you have to behave yourself properly.
2. When an Admin thinks your behavour is unacceptable in any way, you can get kicked or banned from the cannel.
3. When your behavour is absolutely unacceptable at our voiceserver, you can also get kicked or banned from NLserverNL
4. It's forbidden to be in the team-channel at TeamSpeak not comparing to the team you are in at NLserverNL.
Violating this on perpose will get you a 2 weeks temporarely ban from NLserverNL, and a ban from TeamSpeak.
5. Keep the language ONLY English or Dutch in the channels. Violating this will get yourself kicked.
6. Exceptions can be made by or with authorisation of Admins

THC General Manager.
We are recruiting! Find out more here.

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THC General Terms (GT)
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